ChatGPT you are hired!!!

ChatGPT you are hired!!!
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AI /ML and Robots will replace humans in all walks of life very soon. Is this true? Yes and No. Let’s see how ChatGPT answers the questions I have to ask.  I definitely had a great time interviewing or chatting with ChatGPT.

Pretty impressive!

I would rate easily 6 or 7/10 as a junior to intermediate Salesforce developer /designer based on the responses I received. Not just sample code, the bot can give design inputs, suggest and compare different solution design approaches.   Code vs Config.

Does this mean all humans are going to be jobless?!  Not all, but may be this – many people may not be required? Quite possible!  Team sizes have considerably reduced over the past 25 years.  We have seen projects with 100 people supporting 4-5 legacy applications.

Today with Cloud platforms particularly Salesforce the team sizes have shrunk significantly for the same functional scope. In Salesforce

  1. There is no need to start /stop servers,
  2. Outage time is just 2-3 minutes once in 4 months,
  3. You can signup for a developer sandbox in just few clicks and 5 minutes.
  4. It used to take minimum 2 to 3 days to just get the underlying database, app server, load balancer, get all 3 to 4 layers connected and get the instance up.
  5. Then deploy the required code base for another 2-3 days! Salesforce has definitely cut this down dramatically

Coming back to ChatGPT experience, Developers can use this for improving their productivity for sure but should not use the code as it is.  That can be incorrect and may not suit the requirements.  It’s up to the designer and developers to take care of.

Developers can focus more on

  1. Understanding the requirements better, focus more on functional quality
  2. Better unit testing and ensure lesser defects.
  3. ChatGPT can only generate text, there can be other tools that can help generate design diagrams but definitely need people who can understand and use them in the right way.

Developers can breathe easy here!  Once you get the basic code there will be good amount of work to make it suit the requirements.

But given the fact that it can improve productivity in a significant way, customers will also expect that developers don’t give bloated effort estimates  .  Cannot ask for 10-15 days for something that can be done in 5 days with help of ChatGPT.

Can it help fix defective code? Looks like, I would not recommend copying confidential customer code into ChatGPT.  This could be a violation of confidentiality agreements.  Please respect that.

How about school teachers? Are they going to be rendered useless? – Teachers can focus more on improving ChatGPT and help it get better. Instead of correcting and reviewing your students, you can correct and review answers given by this bot.  In turn the bot can help 1000s of students learn well.

There will be students who need a human to help them learn, not all can do self-study.

Details of interview – Response by CHATGPT – OVERALL RATING 6.6/10 (10 being maximum)

S No Question Response Rating Category
1 Pls help with a custom object to store details of students  in a college or school and they can participate in many extra-curricular activities like tennis, soccer, baseball etc Got a list of almost 10 fields to store different data about students
Activites – Multi-select pick list
and also instructions on how to do it in Salesforce
Store marks in a separate object so that you can store any number of mark records for each student, instead of creating fields on student list object
10.00 Data model
2 Can you help with a sample LWC* component to get data
and display on screen list of students?
Gave sample code for LWC component and how to use it in a lightning page 7.00 LWC
3 Can you give code to search for few records based on user input? Gave sample code for LWC component as well 7.00 LWC
4 Can you help with test cases for testing this app? Gave around 10 basic unit testing cases 7.00 Unit testing
5 Can you help with negative cases? Gave around 8 basic unit testing cases 7.00 Unit testing
6 Can you share apex method for getting this data? Sample apex code given 7.00 Apex
7 Is the code too bulky, can you confirm? Got a good response 7.00 Governor limits
8 One student can be part of one or more activities. One activity can have many students. Pls suggest a better data model Junction object- MTM – 10.00 Data model
9 Can you generate schema file for this object? Got some basic apex code – visual force custom controller 0.00 Schema
10 Can you please help with an approval process, 2 level approvals? Got inputs on some approval  and steps 7.00 Approval
11 Please help with an email alert Got inputs on how to create email alert 7.00 Email alert
12 Can you help with a java code for the same? Got good input 7.00 Java
13 Can you help with a UI Flow for the same? Got some 5 to 6 steps 7.00 Flows
14 Flow vs LWC which one would you recommend Got some very good inputs 7.00 Code vs config
15 Can you suggest a security model for this app?
Users like students, professors, lecturers, salesforce license
Got good inputs 7.00 Security
16 Can you recommend licenses for this, we also have alumni? Got good inputs about.. 7.00 Licenses
17 Need to pull data from another database and get the list of students Got a good response about using API, ETL tools and REST API etc 5.00 Integration
18 Need to pull data more than 200k records Recommendation about BATCH and also BULK API 5.00 Integration
19 We can also have 30k students will it be possible to handle Got some generic answers 5.00 Performance

*LWC – Lightening Web Component

Screenshots of some of the responses from CHATGPT

Definitely very impressive responses, you can try these questions that I have asked and see the responses yourselves.   Mind you this is not connected to the Internet and not performing a regular Google search.   There are many questions that need design skills and these are not standard questions like can you tell me about governor limits, can you tell me pros and cons of RESTP API vs SOAP API.   Almost all questions are scenario based and needs good amount of concepts to be applied. This is definitely exciting and also a bit scary!

Let’s see what the future has got in store for all developers, designers and consultants out there!