VPD PaysstaR Solution

  • PaysstaR is a tailor-made cloud-based payroll solution that caters to all HR needs end to end. It is an automated payroll system that can take a lead on 70-80% of repetitive, rule-based tasks that make up payroll calculations.
  • It is responsible for assessing, monitoring and processing salaries, tax filing, statutory deductions, direct deposit, compliance management while preventing errors and standardising record keeping.
  • It has customizable modules enabling maximum flexibility, thus catering to Small, Medium and Large Organisations across all industries and sectors in meeting HR requirements & compliances effortlessly.
  • It helps avoid errors, duplicate entries and manual work. Also helps in tracking and maintaining efficient employee data management.
  • PaysstaR is a tax compliant solution easing out the calculations in setting up a Provident Fund, Gratuity Fund and Superannuation Fund, Recognition/Approval, Exemption from various Statutory Authorities.

Cloud-based, tax compliant solution

360 view of tax complaints to employee and employer

Easy to onboard new organization

One-click assistance

Automated processes with 100 % Confidentiality, Accountability & Accuracy

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