Salesforce Instance Separation Project

  • A leading global pharma company was running 5 LOBs in a single instance of Salesforce primarily leveraging the PAAS layer and few AppExchange products.
  • One of the 5 LOBs was legally separated and spun off as a separate entity.
  • Played a key role in identifying the data and metadata (custom components related to approvals, custom Visualforce, Apex, and lightning components, all metadata) to be migrated to the new instance.
  • End to end impact assessment and analysis, review, and sign-off from both parties to ensure that the intellectual property that belonged to each entity is protected and all contracts were honored.
  • Data migration is done in several stages to ensure all data privacy and IP is protected for both entities. User migration, in-flight approval processes were also sorted out for both entities.

Confidentiality of data along with data privacy and IP

Instance separation and merger both were implemented

End to end project implementation

5 LOBs and a single instance

Usage of custom components

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