Global Pricing – Multi-Country, Multi-LOB Implementation

  • Global Pricing management for a European-based Global Pharmaceutics major with 4 LOBs.
  • Built a system to get a view of prices of more than 50k Product SKUs.
  • Global, Regional, and Country users use this system to communicate new launch strategy-related communications, confidential information, and plans.
  • Complex approval process depending on the LOB and other conditions.
  • Management approval dashboard based on several factors to help the management to approve the price changes based on objective data points.
  • Integration with Heroku for certain simulations and sales projections and optimized launch path for multiple countries.

4 LOBs with more than 50k SKUs

Multi-country, multi-currency rollout

User spread across more than 150 countries

User across the world

Integration with Heroku


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